Is there any connection or relationship between "Fing" and "Overlook Fing"

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I have been happily using "Overlook Fing" for many years. I use it on Windows (7 and upwards) as a Command Line program. I wanted to see if MAC addresses could be referenced to System names so searched and down loaded latest Fing Desktop. Versions of Overlook Fing I am using/have used are versions 2.0 and 3.0, so was a little surprised to see version as latest version of Fing Desktop. Are "Fing Desktop" and Overlook Fing related?
Installing Fing Desktop has "killed" Overlook Fing 3.0.  Running it all I get now is "Error, No network interface detected"
I can live with that if Fing worked!...
Fing home page (on my pc named "Omenbase") shows :
  1. Analysing your setup .. 19 checks complete, 9 pending. (been like that for at least 2 hours.
  2. Omenbase Not connected
  3. Your Network  Not connected (it is for sure!)
    "Requires a wireless of wired connection" and "No Internet - internet is not reachable"  clicking on "3 more" link shows Scan a specific network interface where my network card is shown as "*Premium" It also shows my 3 "VirtualBox Host only adapters" which are marked as "Cannot Access" (correctly as VBpx is not currently running).
I am not using and VPNs, and am using Windows 10 Pro 20H2.
Do I have to uninstall Fing to be able to continue using Overlook Fing 3.0 or can you make Fing work properly?



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    Hi @EvoWing
    I have never heard of Overlook Fing. Are you referring to Fing for mobile device? We now have 3 Fing product offerings: 
    1. Fing Mobile App
    2. Fing Desktop
    3. Fingbox
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Hi @Robin
    No, this is a standalone Command line (dos) program.
    It uses some of the same development tools that Fing desktop uses, for example the Boost C++ libraries.
    I also see on your forum references to Overlook,Fing Service in relation to the Fing App.
    Also, after installing Fing Desktop, Overlook Fing it now gives same (or similar) errors - i.e. no network yet network is fully live.
    So it seems to have some commonality. I haven't researched any further to see what the link is.
    Guess I'll try sequentially uninstalling Fing desktop, uninstalling and reinstalling Overlook Fing to see at what point it starts working again .

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    I meant to attach this snapshot....
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    Ho Hum....uninstalling Fing Desktop fixed the problem. Overlook Fing now works again as it should.
    Now have to look for another Fing like program that works  :( 

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