Fingbox not shown w Desktop 2.0

eal6553eal6553 Member Posts: 1
The FING App shows the fingbox on my iPad and iPhone but not the WIndows Desktop 2.0 version.
I use the same login. I have uninstalled the App, reinstalled the App but it still isnt shown in the App.
I can see it under the free scan. Suggestions?


  • CiaranCiaran Administrator Posts: 855
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    Hi @eal6553, We currently have 3 product offerings: 

    1. Fing Mobile App

    2. Fing Desktop

    3. Fingbox

    Fingbox is a completely separate product from the New Fing Desktop 2.0. Whilst you will be able to see the Fingbox as a device on the network, you are not able to control or access the fingbox from Fing Desktop. 

    I hope this helps. Thanks

    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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