Internet Security - new open ports: UDP 55504

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I have been receiving this Fing Security Alert since I added a new iPad to my household. I have updated its iOS, and still receive the alerts. A (not exhaustive) search has not provided any useful information. Since my wife also has an iPad and I am not getting alerts about her device, I suspect that I have a questionable app loaded. I would like to know your thoughts about how I can locate this app.


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    I have some new security warning and I have some users who I can't delete and I can't to block . Fing was show Few days agao that my friend was online on my internet but actually he was at home


    I thinking using my internet

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    rrslssrMicky  from what I can see, it appears to be some type of service port that may or may not be used by Apple.
    I would recommend removing any apps you're installed and see if the warning goes away.