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My internet is constantly dropping out.  I have a Fingbox. How do I use the service/product  to track and log drop outs over a period of time so I can make a proper complaint to BT. I suspect that I also have wifi drop out problems as well but cannot tell if that is the WIFI or the main internet connection. 
There are particularly big problems with BBC iPlayer between 2100 and midnight.  My TV is connected with WIFI.
Would the Fing premium service help to analyse these problems? I am not an expert network person. 

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    The first thing I would do is run a wifi analyser and see what channel your wifi is on and compare to what channel(s) your neighbors are on.  Changes are you all are on the same channel which will cause issues.


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    thank you. I used a friends laptop to use the software and it was helpful
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    Hopefully your problem has been resolved but in addition to previous checks it is worth logging in to your bt account and running a line test as there could be a fault on your line. Also, even easier, check your landline phone for noise/crackling as this will cause dropped connections and in bad cases complete loss of broadband service (And phone).