I Supposedly Have 21 Devices Connected To My Network I'm Trying to Figure Out What They Are

So I have a smart home set up with cameras light bulbs and power switches that work with my Amazon Echo Devices. Plus I work for State Government from home on my Mac Book Pro via Citrix. Additionally I have two routers on my network one is a VPN router that is not in constant use but it is always turned on - the only device always connected through this network is my TV box. The other is the router I use to connect to Comcast - it provides my ISP connectivity and is the network I use 99% of the time. Could these be all things I'm seeing as devices connected to my network.

After typing all of this I have to admit my first thought is Duh of course it can/is! Am I likely correct? Is there any simple way to identify the individuals devices without turn each off one at a time. I'm not very technically knowledgable. 


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    the apps you use to control devices should give you some kind of info you could compare with find results.  Such as IP addresses MAC addresses, names, etc.  Check your main router for connected devices, there should be a list of them you can access. If you really have no clue after that, power cycle em, it's not a big deal.