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Today a similar network showed up on my scan 2 ASUS. First it was online, but when I checked it turned offline quickly. I even saw 2 devices whit unknown IP adresses that I blocked.

what is the asus device or new network that is offline?


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    That's your main router. You can see the IP address matches. if you checked details the MAC addresses may or may not match.  There can be different mac addresses on a single router, usually one for each of the wifi radios, one for the wan, and one for the lan.
    Guess you will find out what you blocked when something stops working.
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    Ok, I looked it up and saw the symbol for router after I wrote to fing community. But the misstake was allready made, I blocked my own router. But the devices was not mine and my network is still running as normaly. But something whit DCPH came up

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    So why is my network still running whithout problems? And the fact that the two other unknown devices whit hidden IP number that I blocked was not mine must be a sign of intruders or something

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    I got something similar going on with my router. See how the inactive router has that “merge” looking icon? Yea mine showed something similar when I had a strange virtual router on my network with 76 different ips. I’d suggest doing a port scan on your router and see what open ports you have—I highly doubt your fingbox actually stopped it from using the internet—I tried that too. Then you got to run wireshark on your computer and buy a real firewall with port mirroring to isolate the infected device(s).

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