Can Call-bombing cause devices malfunction?

Hey geeks! My names Fred and I’ve been married to Apple for 12 years straight now. I am beginner level tech geek.....I know basics and can learn intermediate quick.

Enough about me now, I want to get confirmation from the community since I wasn’t satisfied with Apple answer. I had a visit to Apple store awhile ago for a replacement. I’ve asked direct a clear it possible if someone call-bombing my phone cause it malfunctioning or unresponsive? He answered with hesitation, “possible. Maybe” I was like uh details please?

After I got introduced with a new friend name Fing! So far I like it here which excites me to post a very first question! And hoping the answer will satisfy me and help me make decisions in my life.

I LITERALLY had someone....if i must EX, call-bombing my phone constantly all days, he’d call repeatedly throughout hours hours on days. Yes I already illegitimately diagnosed him psychopath. He had ipad AND iPhone and he’d double punching call button back forth each to attack my phone. Oh god don’t ask me about my story life. Point is....doing that, is it actually possible damage my phone software?? Cause apps crashing, mess up the system? From my phone act like it’s 10 years old after awhile of him doing this and it’s 4th times my phone doing this. And he started at iPhone 7. Yes he attacked my iPhone 7, 8, XR, and now this one, 11. Please let me know. All I need is a yes and I’ll be able to make decisions easier. Thank you!!!!! Nice meet y’all by the way!