ISP and wifi drop out rates

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Hello, how do  I use my Fingbox to record ISP drop out rates? I use BT in west London and I am sure the drop out rate is much more than BT quotes. It seems very unreliable. 
A similar question question is that I need to monitor my WiFi performance.  How do I do that. It seems to drop out a lot between 2100-2400 using  BBC iPlayer.  I do not believe it is the fault of the BBC. 

Will I benefit from the premium service? I am not a network expert. 

Thank you


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    Fingbox has the ability to do both of those things.

    You can schedule performance tests that will run up to 6 times daily and it automatically keeps track of any outages.

    You can opt for a comprehensive report on the speed tests and outages which is emailed to you at the end of every month also.

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    Thank you. I bought the Fingbox for this very purpose. I've got problems finding out how to do things with Fingbox. Can you tell where I should look on the website for this sort of thing?
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    In the end a BT/Open reach engineer visited. It turned out that i have lots of old internal telephone cabling in my house from decades back. The engineer simplified it and my service is much improved
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