ZiplyFiber takes over Frontier's service in the Pacific Northwest

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ZiplyFiber took over Frontier's service in the Pacific Northwest ( at least Oregon and Washington) back in May. However, Frontier Communications is still showing up as my provider in FingBox, the Fing IOS App, and FingDesktop. I haven't seen any way to update this.

Thanks - David


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    Hi @dlb
    For ISP name detection, I would like to tell you that we use GEOIP2 City Database API by MaxMind. And they update their database every week. If the Fing App shows a different ISP name rather than what you use, It is because the same name is picked up GEOIP2 City Database. The ISP name is identified based on the public IP address by Fing App and then it is matched against the GEOIP2 City Database API. 
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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