Fingbox and Fing Desktop (Mac and Windows)

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Could someone please clarify my understanding of the Fing range of network solutions - physical and logical.

Fingbox = physical device that plugs into the networks router, accessible via app off a smartphone/tablet
Fing desktop = application for Windows/Mac that is not currently designed to work with/along side a Fing box device
Fing app = app installed on the iPhone that does work with the Fingbox device
Fing online account = allows a view of the networks linked to Fing account

As its stands, I have a) the physical Fingbox installed directly into the networks' router, b) the Fing app on an iPhone and c) the desktop app (previously installed on an iMac but now moved to a Windows environment).  Two networks are shown on my Fing desktop application (within Edit profile) but I can only access details of the network named "ISP/geographical location".  The online Fing site shows the Fingboxs' network, the "network name" network and the "ISP/geographical" network ... all of which are the same network. Finally, on the iPhone I can see the "network name" network.

To maintain the single network I need to fiddle about with three different versions of the same network (depending where're I am) which is obviously silly!!  Will these three network viewers (app (iOS/Android), software (macOS/Windows) and online) all be linked together so that they all show the same thing and allow changes on one platform to be reflected across all the others without creating extra networks or more work for me to "sift through the extra trees in the forest just to see the wood".

This isn't a moan, I love the Fing range and hope that all these issue will be brought together soon, unless there is something I am doing wrong!!


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    @JHConnors, you summary of products is spot on.

    As for how they all play together, I am copying a reply that @Robin from Fing made previously on another thread...

    To address your query, I would like to tell you that if you have Fingbox and then you install Fing desktop then, first of all, you will see multiple networks under your account. Only those networks will merge from Fing mobile app and Fing desktop which are without Fingbox.  
    Also, if you are in the mobile app and then you open Fing Desktop network then names, customization will merge but not with the Fingbox network. And if you have iOS 11+ without mac address and if you run a scan from there, you will see another network w/o any mac address. If you open the network pushed by Fing desktop, you will see it but will not be able to refresh from mobile.  
    To explain, if you have a Fingbox and you are using a Fing Dekstop, then you will see two networks, one from the Fingbox and one from the Fing Desktop. As Fing Desktop is a separate product, it works separately and does not integrate with Fingbox as of the moment. If something changes with future release then we will let all users know. 
    Also, if you are using an Apple device, then as apple restricted from identifying he MAC addresses, then Fing App may create multiple networks provided Fing App is unable to read the MAC address and recognise if the devices are coming from same network or different. Only the network from Fing mobile app and Fing Desktop can merge, given the MAC address is being able to read by the Fing App. And if you select the Fing Desktop network from the Fing mobile app(not the Fingbox network) then if you have made any changes to Fing Desktop devices, you can view same on Fing mobile app. 
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