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I have used the original kickstarter FingBox since they came out and really like it. After a recent power outage, I was unable to get the FingBox reconnected to my network. I tried several Factory Resets, the FingBox turned green, but wouldn't connect.
Thinking the FingBox had died, I purchased a new one. On power, it did not turn green, instead it was orange. After reading several threads here, I did a reset (holding the reset button while powering up) and eventually the FingBox turned green (it was actually a very light whitish-green). Clicking the iOS Fing app 'Add Fingbox' button resulted in 'Fingbox not found'. I've now tried this several times, and used many of the suggestions in this forum. If I scan devices, the FingBox shows up and I can ping it, just won't connect.
Yes, the FingBox is connected to the WiFi router that I use, all firewalls are turned off. UPnP is also turned off, and I'm using WPA2 personal.
What am I doing wrong? Is it a defective FingBox? Should I return it? Maybe my kickstarter fingbox isn't broker after all?


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    @Ads, have you tried using different Ethernet cables while troubleshooting?
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    I've tried several Ethernet cables, two different power sources other that the included AC adapter. All result in the same 'FingBox not found'. Issue.  FYI - I'm using the Uqiuity 'Unifi' line of APs with a Secuity Gateway. 
    I've just about given up and returning it. 
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    Don’t give up yet. Let’s get the community and Fing in to see if they have some ideas.

    @Robin , @kltaylor , @Pixelpopper, @rooted ... can any of you folks guide @Ads ?

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    Hi @Ads my first questions, where and how is your access point connected? i.e. hardwired directly to your router (the preferred option) or via an access point or network switch? You also mention a security gateway, have you tried removing that from the network completely (not just disabled). If you haven’t already done it I would also recommend hard resets of router, APs any other connected network devices as well.  I realise everything worked prior to the power outage so all network devices connected at the time of the outage are potentially the source of the problem. The Fingbox setup might be be a symptom and not he cause.
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    Thanks for the reply.  Yes, everything has been rebooted/power cycled (probably several times). The FingBox is connected to the main switch, which is where the two APs are connected (one at each end of the house using mesh capabilities). 
    I've turned off all security functions in the gateway, but I'm not sure I can remove it without a major reconfiguration of the modem, as it's input is PPPoE but I can give it a try. 
    Interestingly, I can see and ping the FingBox through Ethernet. How does the 'add FingBox' work: through wired connection or wireless?

    DSL In --> DSL Modem --> Security Gateway --> Main PoE Switch. --> 32 port Switch
                                                                                  | - AP 1                | - all other wired devices
                                                                                  | - AP2.                | - 16 port Switch for audio center
                                                                                  | - FingBox

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    Thanks All for the support.
    I have sent you a private message to address your query as I would require further information from you to isolate the issue and guide you. Please reply to my message directly. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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