Why would a generic device be online and turn offline on its own?

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My generic device-of which I can’t seem to find the source of whatsoever, today along with 4 other devices online, I went and logged into fing and it’s now offline, is someone hacking my network or something?



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    @evez2072,  Possibly if the devices in question enter a sleep mode.  Tablets, phones, TV’s and even some iot devices could enter that state.
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  • evez2072evez2072 WAMember Posts: 3
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    Okay so I’ve just noticed that when I’m on my bedroom the generic goes kffline, but when I return to the lounge room it’s I think comes back online.

  • evez2072evez2072 WAMember Posts: 3
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    Thanks marc for the answer

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    This has happened to me plenty of times, and best way I found to find out what devices I own report as generic or as whatever type of wifi adapter/chip is being identified inside the device, is to match up the MAC addresses and then give your generic or not easily recognizable devices your own names in the Fing App.  That way you can easily recognize your devices be able to point out an intruder or unknown device super fast when it shows up. You can customize device names/titles with whatever they are (Samsung S20 Ultra or iPhone 11) or make it anything you want (Smart Plug, Tower Desktop, My Samsung Galaxy, Samsung TV, etc). Let me know if you know how to go about this, if not I can guide you through it. Sleepy time, Happy 4th of July!! Be back tomorrow!
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