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Does the Fingbox provide any of the services included in the Fing Premium service?  Related, any plans to offer special (discounted) pricing on Premium for Fingbox owners?    The Fing website needs an update as well, as there are no apparent mentions of the new Premium service offering.


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    As far as I understood the Fing premium will be a subscription adding more services to desktop, to mobile app and maybe also to fingbox in the future?
    Right now it's not changing at all your Fingbox experience, and as matter of fact the desktop is not even showing the Fingbox network, just the active one that your computer is connected to.
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    Thank you @Maya.  I posted in the big announcement thread as well, since that seems to be a catchall for everything.
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    Fing's latest update seems to remove some of the original features, making them chargeable under the "premium" option?  Why buy the device?
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    Hi all, to confirm, we now currently have 3 product offerings: 

    1. Fing Mobile App

    2. Fing Desktop

    3. Fingbox

    All Fingbox functionality will still work on Fingbox and there is no subscription for these features. Fingbox is a completely separate product from the New Fing Desktop 2.0.

    To note: If you have a Fingbox, none of your Fingbox features or functionalities have been affected. For more information on specific features per product, please see the link:

    I hope this helps. Thanks

    Ciaran (Admin at Fing)
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