Looked up and saw this...

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Looked up at screen and saw this. I have no idea what it means and when I clicked OK it disappeared along with the fing icon along the bottom. I was doing NOTHING at the time.


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    @xjonx, I moved this to the Fing Desktop section for visibility.  @Robin, @kltaylor , @Ciaran , @Pixelpopper ...  Any suggestion for troubleshooting this?
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    @xjonx Have you experienced this again after restarting your computer?  Also you may have it hidden, but I do not see a network communication icon in the lower-right of the taskbar.  Are you connected via Ethernet or Wireless?
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    Hi @xjonx JavaScript errors in Windows OS, while not desirable, are quite common. 
    I would only consider pursuing this if it is a recurring problem as you may spend a lot of time researching and achieve little. The error itself could relate to any application running on your computer including those that run in the background which you may not be aware of.
    If everything is currently working ok and the error was a “one off” I would ignore it.
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