So is there a team testing ios14

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Reason I ask is that I’m beta testing the new ios14 in relation to another app. The other app is working well. Fing for iOS crashes on launch and is blocking devices that have updated OS from joining my network. Thought might be a useful contributor to the development at this stage?



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    @andyorkney, Fing is aware of issues with the iOS 14 beta and the Fing App and are working on a fix.  @Robin or @Ciaran , tagging you guys for visibility.
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    So after about 5-6 attempts to launch the app is now running again on my iPhone.

    ok I take it back, it did run and allowed me to get watch back on the network but it’s now crashing after a second or so of looking like it’s launched. The app remains in the launched app list, but selecting it from its card in the launched apps results in a repeat crash

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    Thanks @Marc
    Our developers are testing the new ios14 and are actively working on a fix. Still, the fix is work under progress but as soon as there is an update, I will update. Thanks again.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Tap and hold the app icon. Then chose run internet speedtest.That works for me.👍👍🤓

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    As @Robin said, we are aware of the crash and we are working on a solution to the problem. We are working on a solution but because iOS 14 is still in BETA, probably the issue is on iOS side and will be addressed when iOS 14 will be finalized. We will try to provide a solution in the meantime but it will only be available for Fing App BETA testers as we are not allowed to publish on the AppStore apps with iOS 14 compatibility before iOS 14 is released to the public.

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