How Fingbox sees JAILS

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Thought I would share my recent findings.  Today at switched from using OpenMediaVault aka OMV to FreeNAS soon to be called TrueNAS core. Anyhow, upon setting up Jails (segregated applications on FreeNAS, Fing was able to detect the Jail as a different subsystem from the FreeNAS box that is on my network.  At first, I could not get a connection on the Jail application (which I had installed PLEX into the jail).  I had to go into my Fing Notifications and tell fing to unblock the Subsystem call Plex.  It's kinda neat that I can now control Jail applications on my FreeNAS box from the fing app when it comes to attributes like blocking device, pause internet, ping, trace-route etc. 

Here is a couple screen shots showing FingBox identifying the Jail as its own entity and also also a screen shot of FreeNAS showing the the Jail (of PLEX) as part of its own subsystem within the FreeNAS box.

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