Why is my tablet's signal strength showing only ~60%?

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I use my tablet to monitor our network with Fing, and despite being only 12' from the Arris (Xfinity) router/modem & FingBox (v1), lately it's not showing more than ~60% signal strength when it's typically in the 80-90% range. Even when I bring my tablet within a couple feet of the router, the signal stength remains the same. (The signal strength info I refer to is that provided by the app's device list individual device management page.) Thanks! 

For reference, my home network is being protected by FingBox (v1) and monitored with the Fing App (Android) through my Samsung Galaxy Tab A T380 tablet w/ Android Pie. 


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    Hello again, @Shooter thanks for asking this question.
    First thing that I would want to know is if the signal strength stays the same for your mobile phone and other mobile devices, or does the issue 'stay' with the tablet?
    If it 'stays' then we can feasibly denote that the issue is with the tablet.  If so try doing some basic troubleshooting techniques with the tablet and see if you can achieve a different result.
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    It could be a Fresnel zone problem, you need to check channels, router disposal / placement, try to put it on other place, change channels. In other hand, it could also be a problem on tablet wireless adapter, can't discard that option (how old is it? is it refurbished device or anything else?)