Why are certain devices listed on the Device List page, never showing up on the Digital Fence?

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Of the many regular family devices on our network, there are a few well within range that never show up on the Digital Fence, what's the possible reason?

Also regarding the Digital Fence, why is it that the tablet I use with the Fing app to monitor the network, rarely includes our network's SSID & current channel (right side of DF list) as all other devices do? Thanks! 

For reference, my home network is being protected by FingBox (v1) and monitored with the Fing App (Android) through my Samsung Galaxy Tab A T380 tablet w/ Android Pie. 

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    Fingbox V1 only has 2.4g Wi-Fi, so could some of your devices be missed if they use 5g Wi-Fi?
    Fingbox V2 has the ability to monitor both Wi-Fi frequencies but not Wi-Fi 6 I understand.

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    This is in fact the reason. Although I only just saw your reply, I wanted to thank you for the insight. 


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    Hi @Shooter thanks for asking your questions.
    Just as a reference you can find out more information about the Digital Fence function with the Fing Desktop app here.  If the devices aren't showing up within the 'fence' try removing them in the SNMP list and allow them to re-discover the network and re-add to the list.  Also you can 'recognize' the device and see if that is also part of the issue that you're experiencing.
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