Fing reports my laptop on ethernet, when it's on wireless

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Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I did search first and found no threads like it.
So, doing network maintenance today, Fing is reporting my laptop is connected on ethernet at a very slow speed. I'm not worried about the speed, but 2 hours ago Fing reported it on wireless at an impossibly fast speed. I've been sitting at the same table for 3 hours, definitely on wireless. The nearest ethernet port is 2 rooms away. How is this possible? I haven't had this laptop connected on ethernet in over a year! I refreshed the report 3 times and still see the same.


  • momcat1momcat1 Member Posts: 11
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    Update; now I have 2.0.0 installed and it's still reporting my laptop as connected on ethernet, which is just not true. When I look at all the nice things I could have if I paid a premium, I really question how accurate they will be if you can't tell the difference between ethernet and wireless.
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    Hi @momcat1
    We have never been reported of this issue. Can you try to reboot the windows device and then check? if restarting PC haven't help to resolve this behavior, these commands may be useful to windows (to launch from Command Prompt as administrator): 

    Stop service command: sc stop Fing.Agent 

    Start service command: sc start Fing.Agent 


    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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