Different results for "Scan for devices" when using WiFi or Ethernet

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I run a MacBook Pro in my local network. While at my desk, it is connected using Ethernet. While using it somewhere else, it connects by WiFi. The network is made up from several routers / APs but all share the same IP network 192.168.1.*.

While connected to Ethernet, a "Scan for devices" discovers 7/46 devices, i.e. 7 online and 46 seen before. My Fingbox v1 is listed as online. While connected using WiFi, a "Scan for devices" discovers 53/93 devices, i.e. 53 online including the Fingbox v1.

Why is this? The 53 online devices is the expected result, why is the result wrong when using Ethernet? Why doesn't Fing Desktop recognize this is actually the same network? How is this discovery working at all, is the Fingbox scanning the local network constantly and providing the result to clients like Fing Desktop, or is the discovery performed locally on my MacBook?



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    Hi @HarryS
    Our latest update has different scanning options i.e from Wifi and ethernet and many more. Can you please upgrade to Fing Desktop 2.0 and then check if the results match or not? Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    I have 2.0.0 installed already. The only difference is that - provided I'd go Premium - I can select the WiFi port while the primary interface is Ethernet. The scanning behavior has not changed. While connected to my network using Ethernet, scanning result are a small subset of what I get when connected to my network using WiFi.