iOS 14 new feature "Use Private Address"

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I have iOS 14 beta loaded on a test iPhone and started seeing my Fingbox detecting it as a new device more than once. It turns out there is a new anti tracking feature in iOS 14 called "Use Private Address". It is found under Settings/Wi-Fi/SSID and should probably be turned off for your Fingbox managed network. It will periodically change the MAC address of your device for that particular SSID.


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    Thanks for the information @SteveP. Really helpful.

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    There is a same feature within android. Ill guess since version 10

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    This feature, along with other issues has made Fing unusable on my network. Looks like either I have to modify lots of devices or find other ways to manage in Fing. Doesn’t help that Fing is crashing 9 out of 10 attempts to launch. Has been a huge disruption, so thanks for the update, at least I might be able to manage a mission critical devices without dumping Fing box altogether 
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    Update to Fing app has fixed the crashing issue, thank you 😀. Gonna suggest to Apple that there is an additional setting for trusted networks so that we can keep the “use private address” but stop the activity on named trusted networks. 
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