Which is safer? Attaching my desktop directly to the modem run it through router which connected mo

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Modem (internet server) is downstairs. I run a router from that to upstairs via ethernet. Everything else uses the router (wifi). My desktop is wired and works when plugged into modem or router. Which is more secure?

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    Hi @GetAqz, the router will be safer as there are usually built in firewalls, port filters, and other attack vector mitigations that is native to a router that you will not get when your desktop is plugged directly into your modem.  

    To put it another way, going to the internet directly from your modem exposes your PC to the internet, unfiltered.  When plugged into your router, you have a buffer between you and the outside world.
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    Just as @Marc said, yes, router.  They pretty much all have firewalls, which gives you an extra layer of protection over your modem (or ONT with FTTP).  The higher-end ones (e.g. Eero, NetGear Armor etc.) are starting to offer additional (optional cost) layers of security by essentially having a full security "server" (using the term loosely) built-in, whereas before the router's firewalls were more of a snapshot-in-time of that era's security measures.  


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    When using the modem, the computer is on the public internet. If using ethernet, your computer will be safe from the public internet.
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