Fing is identifying my Motorola G4 Plays as Motorola G6 Plays

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Fing is identifying my Motorola G4 Plays as Motorola G6  Plays. I see no way to correct this: Edit allows me to change the name, but not the device type. How do I correct this?

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    Hi @japastor
    Thanks for your post. I would suggest to:  
    • Install the latest version of Fing Desktop  

    • Scan for devices  

    • Click on the specific device  

    • Click on Icon "Recognize" device and select manual recognition.

    On our latest release of Fing Desktop (1.4.1), we have actually included New feature: Device recognition - It is now possible to manually recognize devices: when Fing recognition is not sharp enough, you can manually provide brand and model of your devices. Which will hopefully be of benefit to you? Thanks again 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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