What does everyone do for work/hobby? (Doesn't have to be technical)



  • Jake96Jake96 Member Posts: 1
    I am a Telco engineer with 40+ years of experience in different roles. But I try to travel as much as possible. Hiking trips have my preference. But visiting less travelled countries is always fun. Just enjoy other cultures and people.
  • limurlimur Member, Beta Tester Posts: 23 ✭✭
    Work; 50% Accountant, 50% teaching/troubleshooting accountants trying to use IT...
    Hobbies (in no particular order); IT tinkering, Going to gigs (http://www.livemusicreview.co.uk), Bagging Trigs (http://trigpointing.uk/mytrigs/), Shouting at my Children, Kayaking, Collecting records (Vinyl, CD, Cassettes)(https://www.discogs.com/user/livemusicreview/collection), Playing with my Children/family, Listening to music (https://www.last.fm/user/livemusicreview),Running (not very far), Holidaying, Cycling, Walking, Swimming.
    Oh! and drinking  :)
    ...train, crashin' head long into the heartland...
    Pushing Good Music #PGM www.livemusicreview.co.uk
  • LucaLuca Member Posts: 13 ✭✭✭

    Hey Joe, an old neighbor of mine got into campanology because of the mathematics, so very IT related, or in his case ana ironically, bookmaking related.

  • DmaxmDmaxm Member, Beta Tester Posts: 1
    Work:  Retired IT / CAD manager for engineering firm, had a lot of fun and stress along the way.  Only remember the fun stuff now.

    Hobbies:  Play bass in a bluegrass type band, enjoy shooting pool, biking, guitar, euchre, drinking craft beers, spending time using favorite software to publish a monthly newsletter for a service organization, record and edit music and document family history.
  • RainCasterRainCaster My deskMember, Beta Tester Posts: 16
    I've been in storage (HDDs and SSDs) design since forever it seems. Device drivers, silicon design, firmware, etc. Now starting a new company in my home, still in that industry. I use my Fing to assist in managing a rather large home network.

    In my spare time, I still like working with hardware, especially soldering. Mostly now, it's stained glass and my wife and I enjoy that together.
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