New or Rogue Access Point detected: 00:11:22:33:44:55

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Greetings from Holland!
We have a fing box which is doing a great job but each day I receive a warning from the APP and via email referring to: "New or Rogue Access Point detected: 00:11:22:33:44:55"
(see full message below)
Does support have any clues as to this unusual MAC address and why the only option in the notification is to TRUST the Access point?
Hope someone can help!!

Wi-Fi Security Alert

New or Rogue Access Point detected: 00:11:22:33:44:55 on Wi-Fi ******

An unknown Wi-Fi access point is transmitting using your Wi-Fi name (SSID).

If it’s your new Access Point, or you just installed Fingbox, please acknowledge this in the mobile app by tapping on this alert from the Network tab.

In other cases, it’s a malicious wireless access point that has been installed near your network without explicit authorization, with the intent of letting your devices connect and trying to steal your data.
Network ******
Today 8:30


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    Hi @bidibid
    Can you confirm if you have all of your access points being protected by Fingbox? When a new device joins a network, then it tends to distribute traffic through itself. If you do not know what the new gateway is, check to see if a new device has recently joined your network – this most likely will be the source of the new gateway. If it is a device you do not recognize then block it straight away. 

    We have come to realize that if you have multiple access points and if some devices are connected with both then you might find this gateway change alert. Even if the new device get connected to a different access point and Fingbox is connected to another access point, thenFingbox will detect it as some other access point is redirecting the traffic and thus giving you with an alert. We are trying to make the experience better so User can accept the gateway andthen it does not ask again for the same access point. 

    I would like you to follow these steps: 

    1) Turn off the router/extenders and Fingbox 

    2) Wait for a minute or two. 

    3) Make the connection of Fingbox with the router directly if not done already. If you are using an extender/switch, then make the connection with it. 

    4) Only Turn on the router and then wait for another minute or Two. 

    5) Turn on the other network device like Switch/Extenders and then wait for a minute or two. 

    6) Turn on the Fingbox and then re-install the Fing App after clearing up the cache as well. 

    7) Sign in with the Fing App 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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