"not connected" even though I am

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Using Fing 1.4.1, and the home screen shows my CURRENT NETWORK as Not connected, the same with YOUR INTERNET PROVIDER shows No Internet.
If I run a speedtest it shows my internet i9s fine. Also using the Andoid Fing app all is well and connected. Seems to only list problems in Win10 desktpo version. Any ideas as to why?

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    Hi All,

    Can you try to reboot the windows device and then check? if restarting PC haven't help to resolve this behaviour, these commands may be useful to windows (to launch from Command Prompt as administrator): 

    Stop service command: sc stop Fing.Agent 

    Start service command: sc start Fing.Agent 


    Fing agent needs the Windows libraries which are installed with the WinPcap package during FingDesktop installation, it used to make packet capture and filtering useful our engine to protocol analyzers and network monitors. 
    Fing agent service cannot work properly without the correct installation of WinPcap.  
    Please open the command prompt and return the output: 

    • sc query npf 

    it's useful to understand if the WinPcap has been installed correctly and it is running properly. 

    If possible please uninstall the older version of WinPcap and install the latest version of Win10Pcap from here and check. Or you can install the NpCap as well. 

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Just curious. Did your Windows 10 device get the 2004 (May 2020) update? Ever since I updated to it, my Fing Desktop app has been having problems.
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    Yes, the update was installed. DO you have the same problems?

  • ScoobyScooby Member Posts: 170
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    I was having similar problems. "Your Current Network" showed "Not Connected". "Your Internet Provider" showed "No Internet". I was getting Fing notifications (from Windows) stating "You have several problems with {XXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXX}", where it should have shown my network name. The "X"s were different numbers and letters. "Your Connectivity Health" kept cycling, trying to refresh itself, over and over again. I ended up closing the app, and exiting it from the Windows icon overflow area. I wasn't sure if it was just my desktop being updated to Windows 2004, or if it was happening to others who may have updated, so I'd though I'd ask. I just uninstalled the Fing 1.4.1 desktop app, along with "WinPcap for Fing 4.1.3", and reinstalled the Fing app. All is working now.
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