Network not recognizing Fingbox despite green light?

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Sorry, I'm new to this community forum and still learning to navigate around to find information.  I've been using the Fing app for the past month and have had no issues with network connectivity, scanning, and anything else related to the app.  I  just purchased the Fingbox and can't get my network to find the device for some reason.  I live in an apartment complex with internet service provided, this includes an access point and login information that can't be changed after initially logging in (password, for example)  This access point has one ethernet cable plugged in and the network wall jack underneath for wired access.  The one other port is for the power to the AP.  I've plugged the Fingbox ethernet cable into both the AP and/or the wall jack.  I get a green light when plugged into the AP but it is not 'discoverable' on my network. 
 I've had the Fing app installed on my phone for a couple of months now and have had no problem with accessing my network (scanning, etc.).  
I'm assuming it's a certain network setting that I can change that would fix this but just can't figure it out.  
Would the access point be restricting the Fingbox connection in some way?
Thank you for the help!

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