I’ve never synced to my Apple TV, why does Fing show that I have?

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I searched for open ports on my Apple TV and it shows 62078 open.  I know this is used for syncing your iPhone to another iPhone’s itunes but what is it used for on Apple TV?  I’ve never synced to it in any case so how does it show that I have?

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    Fing gets info about your internet and your devices connected to it. It sometimes searches and syncs automatically.
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    The Fing app only shows what ports are open, not, necessarily, that you have "synched" with your Apple TV, or have used the port in question. It's possible the Apple TV was designed to have that port open. Many IoT devices are designed, like that. As long as it is open on the "local"/"home" side of your router, it should be ok. If it is open on the Internet side, then that could be an issue. Unfortunately, there isn't much "official" info (from Apple) on port 62078. My guess is, the port could be used to synch to the Apple TV, with a device being used as a remote control - ie, an iPhone being used as a remote control for the Apple TV. If both are on wifi, they would need a common port to "communicate" on.


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    What did yo use to find that port on your ATV?
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    I used Fing.
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    I’ve got four open ports on mine;

    5000 - upnp

    7000 - afs3-fileserver

    7100 - font-service


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    Hi @Gary

    For open ports, I would share some insight as The use of ports allow computers/devices to run multiple services/applications. A port number uses 16 bits and so can, therefore, have a value from 0 to 65535 decimal. If you have an open port, then it doesn't mean it is dangerous, it means these are the ports through which anybody can try to connect to your network. You may wish to close these ports if you don't use it. Different port and their numbers are used for different purposes like port 3000,3030 are used by software developers, port 80 is used by web access. Think of it as open windows in your locked house. These two open ports are acting as windows while the router is your main door. 

     When an application is using some service, it makes use of some ports and then after using it, that port becomes free. Once the port is not in use, the Fing App will let you know that the port is open and none of the applications is using it, thus telling you to close it. 

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