I have 5 devices on my Wi-Fi signal and four of them are mine and the other one is [email protected]

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How can I block the unknown signal and does anyone know if that's like a router or anything for hacking Wi-Fi


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    @Buell: Are you absolutely certain that the "[email protected]" device doesn't belong on your network?  I wasn't familiar with the reference, but a quick search[^1] suggests that it's often a network router from an ISP, often Time Warner/ Spectrum.  (Note: the term doesn't seem to commonly be affiliated with 'hacking Wi-Fi').

    Fing Support has an article on Device blocking[^2] if you have a Fingbox.  That same article also explains why the Fing app by itself can't facilitate the blocking.

    Ref Link(s)
    [1]: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=sagemcomf%40st&t
    [2]: https://help.fing.com/knowledge-base/block-devices-using-network-scanner/

    Edited to expand on the Sagemcom devices
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    Yes, I'm 100% sure that's your router, because my router is also a Sagem, and that's the same name for it in my network (including the specific model of course) So no worries, everything is okay :)
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