Fingbox Not Connected - Modem and Router Changed.

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I recently changed my internet set up in my home.  I changed my Telstra Modem into 'Bridge Mode' so the only thing that it provides is an outside IP Address, this then feeds into my new PFSense Router which then feeds into my Switch.

Ever since doing this, my FingBox refuses to turn blue.  I have tried plugging it into my Modem/Router, but as Routing is switched off, it is not going to work, I cannot plug it into my Router as it doesn't have any more ports, so I have plugged it into the Switch, It has been given an IP Address (way down the list).

Where would you suggest I plug it in to fix my issue?  Is there anything I can do to get it to work its security whilst it is plugged into the Switch behind the Router?



  • Lee_Bo
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    You have, in essence, connected your registered Fing box into a new network.  You may have to deregister it / set back to factory and reconnect.  I had to do that when I went from Asus to Ubiquity.