Fing retaining old access point name

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I changed my router and set up Fing, everything's working fine except that it has retained the old Access Point SSID name even though the BSSID has updated.  I'm not aware of this causing any issues but it's curious.  I'd be grateful if anyone could advise if this is causing an issue I haven't yet detected and how to update / amend the SSID name.
Many thanks in advance


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    Have you power cycled the Fing box?  Power and data disconnect?
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    Yes, done that, thanks though
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    I had a similar situation when I moved to a new house.
    You can find the answers I was given by Fing about it here:
    Now, the difference between your situation and mine is that I did not change my network SSID, but rather the location.
    However, the response is the same. If you want it to show the new SSID, then you will need to factory reset your FingBox and reconfigure it with the new SSID information.
    This is less than optimal, and will be a lot of manual work to have to re-enter all the devices information one by one.
    Hopefully this will provide you some insightful informaiton.
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    Hi @Steber, did you try @jjvoliver's suggestion and did it work for you?
    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
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    Thanks for the advice @jjvoliver, that does seem like a sledge hammer to crack a nut, but if that's the only way then have to pick my time as like most I work from home these days. thanks again.
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