animabannataanimabannata Member Posts: 1
it is from last night (about 12 hours) that on my fingbox remain a persistent red light and it cannot access the internet.
I haven't made any changes to the network settings and the fingbox has a static ip.
I have already tried to restart the router, change the cable, change the socket, reset it.
simply broken?


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    Hi @animabannata
    I have sent you a private message as i would require further information from your side to isolate the issue and guide you. Please reply to my message directly. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • drmdrm Member Posts: 1
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    My Fingbox has been experiencing pulsating red lights and Internet unreachable messages practically everyday. However, everything else on the router are working fine.  The issue seems to be caused by the white ribbon Ethernet cable.  I replaced it with my own Cat 6 Ethernet cable.  For more than a week, I have not seen any more network problem for my Fingbox.
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