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I have new sign in on my network, but the name fing picked up for it,

Cloud Network Technology (Samoa)

I'm not sure what device would be named this an was wandering if anyone new what device could go by this name??

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    Hi @PUSS_IN_BOOTS , welcome to the forums.  The name you mentioned is a manufacturer of embedded wifi chips.  Often associated with smart TV's and appliances.  Have you added any of these prior to the alert?  

    You will Find with Fing (and other device like it) that if it can't identify a device, say a part TV from Sony, it will use what it can identify and in this case could be the wifi adapter in the TV.


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    Ok awesome thank. I haven't had any new devices added to network apart from a new playstation 4. Our old ps4 called itself Sony which is what it should be called as it is a Sony product what would make fing pick up Cloud Network Technology (Samoa) for this ps4 it still a Sony device from the same shop as the other