Why do my Amazon devices get listed using their bonjour name rather than their DNS name

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    Hi @Mccaffm
    Thanks for your post. Whatever information Fing app can collect while scanning and identifying the devices, it will be listed. There are no particular reason for showing or not showing some information.

    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    seems i wasnt clear enough, in the networks panel, bonjour name is used to list these devices rather the dns name which is used for other devices
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    That's exactly what I thought you meant to begin with and he answered your question. Fing uses whatever info it can get the device to share when its scanned. Its sharing what it knows. So maybe your amazon devices are only sharing what you see. I dont have any amazon devices to test on so cant verify it.

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    Nah, you can see from screenshot devices include a fqdn as well as a bonjour name. Seems bonjour name is used before fqdn to name device, I guess I'm askin if there is a way to change the priority of namingz seems to currently be bonjour before upnp before hostname... I would like to prefer hostname as thats ls consistent with what I getting and setting from dns.

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