Add Usage Calculator for, "What can you achieve?"

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Posting this idea in the app section because this is where I took the picture.  But it should be in both the app and desktop as I firmly believe there should be full feature-parity across all platforms.

The app has a section titled, "What can you achieve?"  The design could be improved because all the assumptions of capability are in the vacuum of a single user having the sole active device on an entire network.

This is a completely false and unrealistic premise.  Fing has already captured all the devices on the network, and a reasonable range of assumptions can be made about each device's potential for bandwidth consumption.  

Going a step further, an even more useful feature would be answering the question, "How much bandwidth do I really need?"  There can be range from "typical usage" (based on history) and some theoretical maxiimum usage values for each device.  The hardest would be a full "desktop" (or laptop) computer as in theory, you could be watching an 8k video while simultaneously having a 16-way video Zoom conference while transferring a bunch of large files, but that extreme is not that probable.  

The practical application here is people not paying for too much bandwidth uneccessarily and yet having enough bandwidth to meet their needs based on historical evidence and perceived future usage.

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    Hi @Ferlauto
    thanks for the suggestion. I will pass on this to our Dev team for consideration. For all other users who feel this would be beneficial, please click the 'Upvote' button. Thank you.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • Ferlauto
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    Thank you @Robin.  From a pure business perspective, a tool like can help consumers Fing cost-justify the Fingbox. e.g. If someone could save just $10 / month by changing plans the will have 100% ROI in 10 months.