How to get an ISP outage report

I can get a report showing connectivity issues over the past month in the Fing iPhone app but can't see how to obtain the same report in the desktop app.  As my iPhone is connected via wifi and the desktop computer is connected via Ethernet directly to the modem, I need to show the performance report generated by the desktop app to my ISP to get them to address a dropout issue I'm having.  If I show them the iPhone report they'll say it's a wifi router issue. and not an internet connectivity issue. Can anyone please let me know how to create an historical connectivity report from the desktop app (assuming that's possible)? Thanks 

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    Hi @RobMcr , the desktop in its current form is not geared for in depth reporting.  It's more for realtime observations and network information that you can take action on.  That being said, you can request a feature enhancement and see what the communities response to it would be.  Enough responses could get Fing's attention.  The area to make the request is here...