One fingbox for 2 LAN?

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Hi there, I have 2 LAN, both of which connected to the same modem. Can one fingbox scan/safeguard both networks? These two LAN have different IP addresses, but they are essentially connected (through the modem). Please help and I thank the experts in the Fing community in advance!

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    This is from the Fing "Knowledge Base":
    "No. The Fingbox can only monitor a single network, hence it cannot monitor guest networks or any multiples of networks."
    "The Fingbox is designed for the average home network. It can manage/control one LAN or VLAN and one 2.4 GHz /5 GHz Wi-Fi network with the same SSID. You will need to pick one of your SSID to monitor/control via the Fingbox. You will have to choose the network you want to monitor/control to put the Fingbox and use the Fing App to access the Fingbox."
    You would need two (2) Fingboxes, one for each LAN.