The people feature is not working on my Fingbox anymore

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Prior to the completely revamped UI version of the Fing app on iOS, I was having a problem whenever I tried to add a new user, it would let me go thru the whole process of creating the user and adding devices, but would fail with an error, “Could not update from Fingbox”.  I could still see the users I had previously added, and it wasn’t a big enough deal at the time to worry about.  Now, with the current version of the app, I don’t see any of the people I had added in the past and if I attempt to add someone with the same name as an existing user it wont even let me select a device to add to them, and creating a brand new person allows me to assign devices but still fails at the end with “Could not update from Fingbox” and I have to cancel.

It feels like the database it uses for people (or however it is managing identities) is corrupted.   Any ideas how I can recover or reset this?  I’d prefer not to lose all of the information I’ve entered for all the devices on my network, and ideally I would love to recover the existing people database with device assignments as well.  They are evidently still in there, since during the setup existing people fail differently when I try to add them back vs. a new user. 

Thanks in advance.

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    Hi @HeadOn
    This is a bug and we have already caught this bug and the fix will be released with 9.0.2 version within a week or two. Thanks again for reporting this to us.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Hi @HeadOn, two questions to start you off.  Are you logged into the same account that the Fingbox is on?  And, did you choose the fingbox network from the home screen?  It’s under people section and looks like a bitmap of the Fingbox.  That will flip it to the Fingbox if you choose it.
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    Marc, thank you for the reply. I am reasonably certain that I am logged into the correct account (I only have one) and it shows my Fing Box as you pointed out on the Home Screen. And yes when I’m attempting these people operations it’s after tapping on the physical Fing Box’s network and not the WiFi network that is also an option.

    Hope that helps and thank you again for your assistance.

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    Thank you, Robin.  I look forward to checking that version out when its ready.
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