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GuyRGuyR Member, Beta Tester Posts: 7
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Would like to have these integrated please, using desktop means I now have 2 networks on my account where I would prefer to just have one based on Fingbox.  Could this not show the same as the mobile does?
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  • RobinRobin Administrator Posts: 2,386
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    Hi @GuyR
    thanks for the suggestion. I will pass on this to our Dev team for review. Fing desktop is a new product but we are still reviewing the features to be added to enhance its functionality. For all other users who feel this would be beneficial, please click the 'Upvote' button. Thank you.
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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  • FerlautoFerlauto White Plains, NYMember Posts: 51
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    This dovetails with my idea that there should be full feature-parity across all Fing software products (i.e. #FingDesktop & #FingApp)  If a user is on their desktop, there is no reason they should have to use another device to see information from their #Fingbox. 
  • JasonSFJasonSF Member, Beta Tester Posts: 7
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    Another upvote for this. Fingbox owners should have some added functionality in the Desktop version. Because we're special :-)
  • JCAlexandresJCAlexandres Member Posts: 19
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    It should be one account, multiple devices, one reporting database where networks can be managed at the core and presentation level.
  • leovankoppenleovankoppen NaaldwijkMember Posts: 2
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    I have the same suggestion. I see different networks and or devices on my desktop , fingbox or android phone. That's rather confusing.
  • laaubinlaaubin Member Posts: 4
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