Speedtest highly inaccurate?

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When using the speedtest in the 1.4.1 version of the desktop app, Fing reports around 17Mbps down and 16.8Mpbs up....Whenever I use the service provided by Ookla, it reports around 150Mbps down and 22Mbps up.  I should be getting around 400Mpbs down, but I would guess that's just Spectrum being Spectrum..  My question is why are the results in Fing so inaccurate?


  • Ferlauto
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    @hmorelock - Is your #Fingbox connected directly to your router (or to a high-speed switch connected directly to your router) or does it have a few "hops" to get outside?

    I did three tests (Fing Desktop (macOS), Speedtest website and the Speediest app for macOS.  All were well within a margin of error of each other and all were a reflection of the speed I'm paying for with Verizon FiOS.