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clankennedyclankennedy Member, Beta Tester Posts: 3
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Has anyone installed bitdefender onto their FingBox?
 I am running a Netgear router with Bitdefender on it as part of their Armor Protection.
The Armor Protection prompts me to install bitdefender onto my FingBox to increase security.
Has anyone done this?
thanks keith.

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  • kltaylorkltaylor Posts: 1,188
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    Hi @clankennedy welcome to the community and thanks for asking your question.
    Short answer is simply, no ... you cannot install any software on the Fingbox device at all.
    Is there a way in Bitdefender's menu to exclude specific devices from receiving this notification?
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  • clankennedyclankennedy Posts: 3
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    Many thanks for the quick reply, no way to turn off in Armor/bitdefender.
    I have just renamed Fingbox in bitdefender to show not installable.
     I will contact Netgear and Bitdefender and post any response I get from them.
  • clankennedyclankennedy Posts: 3
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    Latest update to Armor/bitdefender has stopped recommending install onto FingBox.


  • Lee_BoLee_Bo Member Posts: 144
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    Question is, would you want to install anything additional on the Fingbox? The processor and memory will only do so much.

  • FerlautoFerlauto White Plains, NYMember Posts: 51
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    Believe it or not, this actually raises a branding issue of all things.  Fing's parent, Domotz has a more open architecture. It is also has a higher price tag per se because there is a monthly usage fee.  It's $20 / month.  For a business, this is a screaming bargain.  Back in the day, if you told me I could purchase a tiny appliance for $100 and pay just $20 / month to monitor all of my servers, switches, routers, and all the rest (IP, UP, we all P for IP), I would be yelling at you to take my money.  The CA Unicenters and Tivoli Network Managers of the day cost thousands upon thousands of dollars to implement and maintain.  (And that's just in the OTC headache medicines!)   :o
    However relatively inexpensive this may be, for a consumer, it's a tougher sell.

    This is where the branding comes and being able to upsell where appropriate. The Domotz box is essentially more powerful, industrial (and industrial looking) version of the Fingbox.  Not sure how much they share in architecture if anything, but one is essentially a much more robust version of the other.  I'm sure I'm not the first person to think of this, but it must have crossed someone's mind to consider rebranding Domotz as "Fing Pro" or "Fing Enterprise," some additional "suffix" that communicates the lignaggio familiare (family lineage) and the distinct difference in each sibling.
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