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On my iMac running Catalina Fing starts up automatically at boot.  The recap report is very nice, but what is it doing after the report is created ? Is there any reason to leave it active ?  I also have a Fingbox.


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    Hi @BN336 thanks for asking your question.
    I leave mine active as it advises whether or not there are any issues with the internet connection from the ISP, or whether a device has been added to the network, etc.  If you need additional resources for a particular process, you can opt to not start the application upon device startup and choose it when you have need of the information that it can provide.
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    To further add comments, you can disable the automatic start up of the Fing desktop by clicking on the version number from the bottom left corner and then click Preferences. Thanks
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    I see those notifications with my Fingbox, I thought, and that is my question, does this monitor add anything to what I get with the Fingbox ?  I also use IFTTT to forward on Fingbox notifications to my cell. Thanks for previous answers.