Spreading the Word About Fing

Got my Fingbox on Friday afternoon. Setup was about as painless as it can get.  Just plugged the Ethernet cable into my switch and connected the power, and about 15 minutes later (I didn't "watch the water boil") and I was configuring it via my Fing app on my iPad Mini.  Have users mapped to devices, setup a few notifications, did some network speed tests.  Now I'll really start digging into.  There is simply a ton of potential for this device.  I've started making a list for some future posts.

I've already told about 20 friends vis e-mail and text.  About 5 of them have already replied.  A few that will check it out and one with a very enthusiastic, "I need that!"


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    To spread the word about Fing you could try Facebook or Twitter that's how your friends will see it and replay to your posts

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    I will be posting on LinkedIn and Twitter (no Facebook).  I think LinkedIn will have the most value.  My post was more of statement of enthusiasm and hope others tell many of their friends as well.