How to delete unknown device

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I’ve had troubles w someone accessing almost everything. I scanned for devices and the 4 that are mine are shown but there’s also a generic? one I can’t get rid of. When I try to delete it disappears but when I hit refresh it reappears instantly. Can anyone tell me what this is and how to get rid of it? Thanks


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    To help us try to help you determine what the device is, could you provide the MAC Address, or at least the first 6 digits? To do so, tap on the "Generic" name. Then, scroll down to "Network details". There, it should show the MAC Address. With the MAC Address, or the first 6 digits, we can try to find the manufacturer of the device by looking those digits up at this web site:

    If you believe someone is connecting to your network, the best way to get them off, is to change your wifi password. Yes, it can be a "pain", but if you only have 4 devices, it shouldn't be too bad. Recommend creating a new password with a least 14-15 characters, or longer (

    Do you have a Fingbox? If so, you can block devices from your network. If you don't have a Fingbox, the Fing app does not have the ability to block devices, unfortunately.

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    If I may add one more point to @Scooby excellent response. You cannot delete an object from your network by doing what your doing on the Fing app. All that does is remove it from the apps display but as your seeing, if its still out there is will pop back in on fing apps next scan.

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    I'm putting my bet on this mystery device being a secondary Mac on an existing device. If not physical, then a s software driven virtual address.

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    Hi Pal, The Generic One showing up could be the Cable box receiver if it's connected to the router. Dont break your head. Hope this help. 🖐️

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