Do I need to change anything on Fing box (or my Acc) before changing my network setup (new router)?

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I’m looking for best practice or first-hand experience advice please.

I am about to replace my (UK Virgin Media) cable ISP router-modem with a D-Link DIR-2660 Smart Mesh router,  or more precisely use my ISP provided router in modem only mode and install the DIR-2660 to provide and manage my home network (LAN and WiFI).

What should I do, if anything, with my Fing box or Fing account before I make the change?

Should I delete the existing home network and devices information (via App or via my account on website) or leave it all as-is and simply have the Fing box discover the "new" network. I will be using a different IP addressing scheme for my “new” network but will obviously have the same devices (NAS, Printer, Smart TV’s, Phones, Tablets, Streaming devices, Home Automation stuff, etc.) reconnect.


Thanks in advance.

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    Thank you


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    I cleared everything I could the first time I did this, and wish I hadn't. I had to enter all the custom info I had under each device all over again. So the next time I upgraded all I did was swap out the router and scan the new network. Your devices are going to track the new IP addresses so they will show the old addresses (greyed out) when you look at it's details. I can't think of any issues from not clearing it out. If you don't have any custom info saved and don't want the old info to carry over, clearing it would be seamless.

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    I have recently changed ISP. I followed instructions on swapping router and now am unable to get my fingbox out of activation mode. I can see it and my network but all the users and fence functionality are missing. What should I do?

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