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Hi, since updating the Fing app all the usual content has gone eg Devices and People? I only have menus for Home, Community and Account.  Luckily the usual content is available on another device that I haven’t updated.
How do I get both devices to sync the same content showing people and devices menus?

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    @Jiupro , assuming you're using the Fingapp on both devices, the first place I would look is to check the account your logging in to each app with.  They need to be the same in order to get the setting sync'd.
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    Thanks @kltaylor

    Thanks for the feedback. We understand that the application underwent some changes to better meet the needs of different users, and we ask for help from our loyal users to get used to the new system.

    All your Fingbox data is available by simply tapping the Fingbox name on the home screen - a tabbed view will open with all your available data.

    A nice addition for users like you who have multiple Fingboxes is the ability to see multiple Fingboxes on the home screen, which you couldn't do before. Use the "All Networks" button to display all the networks you have, including Fingboxes, and swipe to add them to the home screen

    Here is a video where we go through the characteristics of Fingbox, in:

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