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I have a set up with BT Smart hub 2 and disc.
I have noticed that when Fing is plugged into the hub (not the disc) it causes anything I do on my pc to give me high ping. I can hear everyone on discord perfectly fine but they only hear me as a robotic voice, at around 350 ping. When I game, I hit a latency of around the same.
To be honest I feel like ive been conned with this Fing box, it was supposed to be a peace of mind now it is just £100 piece of plastic.


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    Hi @omdoede, don't be discouraged.  The products works well for a number of folks so we might have a problem with your unit and or its configuration.   In so much as in normal operations, Fing should not be taking up the kind of bandwidth that would cause what you're seeing.  My first inclination would be to look at Fingbox's setting in the mobile app to make sure Slower network discovery is switched off but that's a long shot...

    @Robin , @Ciaran , @rooted , @Pixelpopper , @kltaylor do you have any suggestions as to where @omdoede should start troubleshooting wise?
    Thats Daphnee, she's a good dog...
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    I don't know anything about the BT Smart Hub 2 but being it has Smart in the name it may have security features built in that sees Fingbox as an invasive device and spending a lot of CPU cycles trying to protect your network from it.

    From the description page:

    BT Smart Hub 2 features advanced filters

    They filter out interference that can negatively impact on Wi-Fi performance, helping to ensure the BT Smart Hub 2 has more powerful Wi-Fi than all other major broadband providers.

    BT Smart Scan technology

    The BT Smart Hub 2 constantly monitors your hub’s connection. If it spots a problem, it will quietly make changes, reboot and make a fresh connection. All at a time that doesn’t impact your experience.

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    Hi @omdoede I have no experience of gaming or smart hub 2 (I use smart hub 1) but I would recommend disabling smart setup, reboot the router and see if that helps. Smart setup operates by setting defaults for your network & your problem may lie there. It’s worth a try, also if the Fingbox doesn’t cause problems when running from the mesh dish why not run it from there?