My Fingbox is completely dead

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Hi everyone! My Fingbox seems to be dead for now - there are no lights when powered. Have tried other usb power adapter and ethernet cable - they are ok but nothing changes. Mine Fingbox was bought on 01.2019. Is it still on warranty? What is the best way to open a support ticket?

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    Again, it's up and running. 10 minutes in a service shop and $7.5 solved the mfg issue while 2 days of emailing back and forth with support didn't.  


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    Hi @alexvo
    I have sent you the personal message as I would require further information in order to guide you. Please reply to my message directly. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Robin helped to find out my warranty has ended as that was not the latest fingbox i've acquired. 
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    As I wasn't helped by warranty support, I've decided to look inside for my own. It took some time to have proper torx keys and here is the problem - the USB socket wasn't properly soldered to the board. This fingbox wasn't stable on the network before it refused to power up. While disassebling the socket has detached completely.  

    I believe this still can be fixed. Going to visit a local service shop to have a USB cable directly soldered to these contacts.
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