Vodafone GigaTV 4K Box appearing as “router” and blocked by Fingbox - How to unblock?

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A few months ago, I installed a new set top box (cable receiver, model Vodafone GigaTV 4K Box). In the Fing App, this device appeared as a “router” (symbol with two crossing arrows) in the fing app/devices section (“GigaTV-4K-STB.fritz.box”, Cisco / VGW10). When manually changing the device from “router” to “Kabel Box” (or something similar, more suitable), it got immediately blocked in the app. Manual unblocking did not help, as the device would again be blocked by the app within seconds. Solution at that time: Delete all devices in the app and not change the device type.

Now, I added a power line (AVM, Fritz) to my network. I then found that the STB was blocked again, yet this time without an indication of “blocked” in the app. Solution now: remove Fingbox - which evidently is not the solution I had in mind.

Any suggestions? Thank you and all the best


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    Hi @Horatio
    I have sent you a private message to investigate this and would require further personal information. Please reply to my message directly. Thanks
    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    I sent you a private reply.
    Meanwhile, I connected the Fingbox again and assigned each device of my network to a person. The LED changed to a steady blue ring, which I understand means “normal operation”. The STB continues to be identified as a “router”, not a “cable box” or similar device.
    In essence, Fingbox and network are currently running flawlessly.
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