"You have no network in your account" on the web interface

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I have two fingboxes for years without problems. Working great!
Onn my mobile Fing app, I had two extra networks I had scanned (networks that do not have a physical Fingbox). So I deleted them from my mobile. Now on my mobile app I only see the two networks where I do have a Fingbox, still working ok.
But since I deleted the extra networks on the mobile app, when I login through web on app.fing.com, I have no networks. The two networks are ok on the mobile app, but not showing on the web page.

If I follow a link I have on an email I can reach the info on one of the Fingboxes, and see it the same I see it on my mobile. But still, the networks on the left appear empty, so I am unable to change to the other network.

I can also see both networks just fine from the Windows app. It seems to happen only on the web interface.
Any hints? I wouldn't want to have to kill all the information on both Fingboxes and start from scratch...


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    Hi @MindTwist , I have to ask this question...  Have you confirmed that you are logging into the web app with the same account and password you used with the mobile app?  If you are, the Fing folks can look at your account and see if everything is as it should be.  @Robin
    or @Ciaran , what would you need to verify if Fings database has the right info for @MindTwist ?
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    Hi @Marc,
    Yes, I log in with the same account. I actually never log out of the web interface, and I have user/password saved.
    To make things more strange; I have installed Fing app for Windows. It created a new network, which I named "Casa". Then on refreshing the web interface I got again all my networks, the one that the Windows program just created, and my two fingboxes (one of them is already named casa).

    So, I thought it was all fixed, and proceeded to delete the network and uninstall the Windows program. On reloading on the web interface, my two fing boxes were gone again.

    I installed again the Windows program, it created again a new network (I did not rename it this time).

    It seems that while there is some other network my two fingboxes will show up. Otherwise, they do not show up at all on the web interface.
    Very weird, it always worked ok, and I was only seeing my two fingboxes on the web interface. I did have previously other networks on the app (Android), those were not showing up on the web interface. As soon as I have deleted all the garbage/unneeded networks, my web interface will not show me my fingboxes.

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    Well, there surely seems to be something bugged here.
    From the web interface I was seeing all 3 networks (two physical fingboxes, one network comes from the Windows fing program). So I delete this last network from my web interface, since I do not need it, it is actually showing the same devices as my "Casa" fingbox.

    As soon as I do it, here is what I get. I can still see my two fingboxes on the left, but clicking on them takes nowhere. On the right I just see links to the fing app/desktop program.

    When I hit F5 to refresh the browser, both fingboxes are gone.

    If I create again the network from Windows program, the fing boxes show up again... Guess the solution for now will be to leave the dummy network there. But something seems to be wrong :(
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    Hi @MindTwist

    To address your query, I would like to tell you that if you have Fingbox and then you install Fing desktop then, first of all, you will see multiple networks under your account. Only those networks will merge from Fing mobile app and Fing desktop which are without Fingbox.  

    Also, if you are in the mobile app and then you open Fing Desktop network then names, customization will merge but not with the Fingbox network. And if you have iOS 11+ without mac address and if you run a scan from there, you will see another network w/o any mac address. If you open the network pushed by Fing desktop, you will see it but will not be able to refresh from mobile.  

     Also, I believe this constant deleting networks from the list may have affected the web interface settings, I would advise you to sign out of web app and then install the Fing Dekstop and run the scan for the network and then Sign in to web app again. Once you are able to see all the Fingbox networks, then on your Fing mobile app, go to Account settings and click on "Synchronize".

    If you don't want to delete the account and start from scratch to correct this, I would advise to not to delete the duplicated network.


    Robin (Admin at Fing)
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    Ops, I think that somehow I deleted my own comment...? :(
    Oh well. I think there must be some kind of bug that can be easily replicated. At least it happens to me every single time.
    Two fingboxes showing up ok when I have an extra network. Delete the extra network (from mobile or web interface), and my two fingboxes disappear. Create any new random network, from windows program or app, and my two fingboxes appear again. Delete the extra network, fingboxes are gone.
    I will just leave a random network, no big deal as long as I can manage my two fingboxes just fine.
    Thanks @Robin!
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